BLS Biodegradable Bbs 0.28gr 1kg View larger

BLS Biodegradable tracer Bbs 0.32gr 1kg green phosphorescent

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High quality 6mm pellet for airsoft.

BLS is the most used manufacturer in terms of high precision, their bbs are found in the biggest brands on the market.

Like many other current businesses, we decided to sell them with their brand and their packaging.

The bbs is made of biodegradable PLA.

This bbs is intended for use with a Tracer (luminescent silencer) to load the bbs in UV, so that it can shine a good intensity during your game in the night or CQB.

Phosphorescence color (green) and its tolerance is 5.95mm / + -0.01mm

It is a bag of 1Kg including 3125 pellets.

A quick zip (zipper) is added to the bag.